APBA Pro Football Replays


I’ve used the APBA Football Master game to replay several seasons.  The Master game provides the “ebb and flow” of an actual contest and allows the “coach” the opportunity to deploy multiple personnel packages to mirror today’s game or the single platoon system of yesteryear. On numerous occasions, I’ve matched team records and have come extremely close to replicating team and individual statistics.

My purpose for creating this blog is to present my current and previous replays, offer “method of play” alternatives, share innovations, provide tools for evaluating individual cards, post links and informational tips to assist with preparing for and conducting season replays.     

For any APBA Football related questions, feel free to contact me at Oguard62@yahoo.com.       

 APBA Football Cover

Custom-Made Storage Box

I wanted to post photos of the custom designed storage box that I had built by a gentleman named Jason Rziha. His workmanship, customer service and attention to detail are top-notch. The sheer volume of modern season, APBA Football card sets has made storing these cards difficult. I grew tired of having to use multiple boxes to store a season and I don’t care for the oversized storage boxes currently being sold by the game company. When not in use, I want my cards stored in an upright and orderly manner to ensure they remain in mint condition. Since I require daily access to my cards, I wanted to have a first-class staging area for them for years to come. Jason has made that happen, if interested in obtaining a quote, he can be contacted at www.customcardboxes.com.   

To my good friend, Mark Zarb, “Brother, I finally have a storage box worthy of your cards.”

Top View     Side View     Open lid

Chad Pennington

This past Monday Night, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to chat with Chad Pennington for roughly 15 minutes. Chad Pennington is the epitome of class; he was extremely personable and engaging. Both Mark and I have met him before and shared our stories with him. The first time I met him was at the “Taste of the NFL” in the spring of 2008. I remember removing a photo from my pocket and telling him that a fellow co-worker of mine requested his autograph. Chad looked at the photo and nearly fell off his stool. He gave a hearty laugh and said “I never forget a team mate. How is Llowe Turner doing?”

During our recent conversation, I looked him in the eye and said, “Chad if you were playing with a Rex Ryan defense we would have won a championship!” He returned my gaze and replied “Now, that’s a true statement.” Over the years, I’ve listened to various media types downgrade Chad’s arm strength but I’ve never seen a more accurate passer or smarter quarterback. Chad knew how to “protect” the ball and properly manage the game. Being a devout Jets fan and having to stomach the last three “turnover filled” years, I yearn for the Pennington era.

The below table is Chad Pennington’s statistics from four replays that I’ve conducted. I would sign up for his “Total Statistics” any day of the week and twice on Sunday.  

Year Team Att Com Yards % TD Int % TD % Int Avg. Gain Rating
2002 NYJ 370 252 3124 68.1 28 5 7.6 1.4 8.4 113.6
2004 NYJ 399 248 2789 62.2 14 12 3.5 3.0 7.0 82.2
2006 NYJ 516 344 3896 66.7 18 16 3.5 3.1 7.6 87.8
2008 MIA 524 354 4093 67.6 16 3 3.1 0.6 7.8 98.7
Total   1809 1198 13902 66.1 76 36 4.4 2.0 7.7 95.5

 Maz, Chad and Me

NY Jets vs Chicago Bears

I just got back from a fun-filled weekend with my dear friend Mark Zarb. The focal point of the trip was the Monday Night Football game between the Jets and Bears; however, there was still plenty of time to get in a game of APBA Football. Since I never had the chance to use the 1972 card set, I thought it would be appropriate to play a game between the Jets and Bears in preparation for the evening’s actual game. The game played out as follows:

Chicago 38, New York 14At Soldier Field, capacity attendance. The Chicago Bears averaged 6.6 yards per carry and rushed for a whopping 317 yards. Jim Harrison gained 100 yards on 18 carries but the star of the game was Bobby Douglass. Bobby completed 8 of 14 pass attempts for 122 yards with one interception; however, he killed New York with his legs. He ran 15 times for 134 yards with three touchdowns. After Chicago posted 21 points in the second quarter, New York was forced to scrap a balanced attack and rely on Joe Namath’s right arm. Broadway Joe chucked the ball 41 times and completed 18 passes for 304 yards with 2 touchdowns and 3 interceptions.

                                Chicago                7              21           10           0             – 38

                                New York             0              7              0              7            – 14

                Chi – Douglass 1 run (Percival kick)

               Chi – Shy 4 run (Percival kick)

               Chi – Douglass 11 run (Percival kick)

               Chi – Douglass 19 run (Percival kick)

               NY – Barkum 61 pass from Namath (Howfield kick)

               Chi – FG Percival 21

                Chi – Shy 2 run (Percival kick)

                NY – Caster 23 pass from Namath (Howfield kick)

Now I don’t know if the “table-top game” set the tone for the actual game, but Geno throwing a “pick six” just as we took our seats, a muffed punt, horrible officiating, and failing to score more than one touchdown in seven “Red Zone” trips might have had something to do with it. The guys sitting behind us must have thought we were nuts because we would be correlating APBA Football “Play Result Numbers” to the action on the field. For example, Chris Ivory picked up 14 yards on an outside run and we both look at each other and said “16”. Fun stuff!!

Regardless of the outcome of either game, I had an incredible visit with my “APBA Football Brother”.

Mark and Greg on Field