APBA Pro Football Replays


I’ve used the APBA Football Master game to replay several seasons.  The Master game provides the “ebb and flow” of an actual contest and allows the “coach” the opportunity to deploy multiple personnel packages to mirror today’s game or the single platoon system of yesteryear. On numerous occasions, I’ve matched team records and have come extremely close to replicating team and individual statistics.

My purpose for creating this blog is to present my current and previous replays, offer “method of play” alternatives, share innovations, provide tools for evaluating individual cards, post links and informational tips to assist with preparing for and conducting season replays.     

For any APBA Football related questions, feel free to contact me at Oguard62@yahoo.com.       

 APBA Football Cover

“It’s in the Stars”

Each and every year on my birthday, I always enjoy reading my birthday horoscope over a cup of coffee.  This morning I had to laugh as I read the below caption.

Being born on the 17th of December you are an avid and decisive goal setter, you will naturally put lots of effort and energy into achieving worthwhile things and acts of kindness. You prefer to finish anything you start before attempting another aspiration.

I finally have the answer for the next time I’m asked, “What’s my secret to completing all of these full season APBA Football replays?”  “It’s simple, it’s in the stars”.

Besides playing APBA Football, there are three things I love.  My wife, a good steak and a fine cigar.  The below birthday celebration collage sums it up.


NFC Player of the Week (November 3-4)

AFC Player of the Week (November 3-4)

“Play-Calling” Spreadsheets

Awhile back, I posted a solitaire play calling system designed by Mr. Doug Reese. My good friend and APBA Football expert, Mr. Mark DerGarabedian, used his Excel expertise to incorporate Doug’s system into two “user-friendly” spreadsheets. This is just another example of the selflessness of our gaming community. I for one believe the more “tools we have in the toolbox” the better it is for all of us.

Reese system

Turkey Day, Iron Bowl and Next Replay

My dear friend, Mark Zarb, came down to visit my wife and me for a few fun-filled days. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving together and enjoyed the various sites and eateries that Huntsville has to offer. My home is a “House Divided” since my wife is an Auburn fan and I’m all “Bama” which makes for a great Iron Bowl. Not only does my APBA Football brother and I root for the same professional team but we both have been lifetime “Tide” fans as well. The game most certainly didn’t disappoint and will be remembered as another “classic” in Iron Bowl lore.

Of course, we still found the time for some APBA Football. Mark got to watch me roll a couple of games of my current 1985 replay. Tampa Bay with their -10/-15 rated offense jumped out to an early 23-0 lead over New England much to our delight as die-hard Jet fans. Unfortunately New England’s +17/+12 offense generated 27 unanswered, second half points for the come-from-behind victory. The dice seemed determined for an upset as the lowly Atlanta Falcons with their (-7/-4) offense defeated the Dallas Cowboys (+14/+11) by the score of 27-23. I had the privilege of watching him work on the 1969 Baltimore Colts. Mark has begun the lengthy process of carding both leagues for my next replay of the 1969 AFL/NFL season ending with Super Bowl IV.

Thanksgiving (Mark and Greg)Iron Bowl