APBA Pro Football Replays


I’ve used the APBA Football Master game to replay several seasons.  The Master game provides the “ebb and flow” of an actual contest and allows the “coach” the opportunity to deploy multiple personnel packages to mirror today’s game or the single platoon system of yesteryear. On numerous occasions, I’ve matched team records and have come extremely close to replicating team and individual statistics.

My purpose for creating this blog is to present my current and previous replays, offer “method of play” alternatives, share innovations, provide tools for evaluating individual cards, post links and informational tips to assist with preparing for and conducting season replays.     

For any APBA Football related questions, feel free to contact me at Oguard62@yahoo.com.       

 APBA Football Cover

Jim McMahon – 1985

McMahon 85 Card (APBA)

I’m not sure if there is a more discussed APBA Football card than Jim McMahon’s 1985 card (see above). During the 1985 season, Jim McMahon posted a completion percentage of 56.9.  I realize there are countless factors which impact the performance of a QB’s card ranging from hot or cold dice, frequency in A, B, or C passing indexes, defensive alignment, keying, blitzing, nickel or dime defenses to name a few.   Each time that I used his card over the years, it underperformed for me. So much to the point, that I quit using this card set and eventually sold it.

His card has become a topic of conversation again, ever since I’ve started a replay of this season with an exclusive card set created for me by Mark Zarb. Now, Jim hasn’t thrown a pass yet in my replay and I have no idea how his card will perform but when I input his passing numbers into my unofficial “QB Calculator” posted on my site, it estimates a completion percentage of 56.6.  When I input the “Official” card above, it estimates a 48.3 completion percentage.

The card I will be using during this replay is displayed below.

McMahon 85 Card (ZARB)

Super Bowl II

Well the 1967 AFL/NFL replay is coming to a close with the Green Bay Packers and Oakland Raiders each winning their League Championships to face each other in Super Bowl II. This is the first season replay that I’ve completed were the Super Bowl participants were identical to real life. I will replay this game on Saturday, August 16th. Since I will be providing a “Play-by-Play” account of the game, I wanted to dedicate an entire day to it instead of breaking it up into multiple evenings.  

I make a conscious effort to represent the players and attitudes of the era accurately and responsibly during my replays. With that said, “NFL superiority” was an overwhelming attitude especially during the 1967 season. I normally do not share private messages but it’s a prime example of the attitude I was referencing. I hope that Mr. Vernon Kelly forgives me for betraying his confidence from our February 20th conversation.

Greg, Hello my name is Vernon Kelley. A skype APBA football friend , Jerry Zyjack, and I are presently playing an expanded playoff tournament (wildcard teams) with the 67 Zarb season. As you realize the AFL teams are rated quite high (Oakland 44/44 or somewhere close I don’t have the roster sheet in front of me). We were wondering if, when you reach the Super Bowl in your replay, you are planning to make any adjustments to the AFL teams off/def totals? Assuming the Packers played the Raiders we felt the Pack would be an underdog based on the team totals. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

My reply to Mr. Vernon Kelley was as follows:

It’s funny, because if you go to my site, you can read the recap of Super II that I played several years ago and the Raiders did win by a point…I don’t see anyone beating the Raiders in the AFL in my replay unless it’s the Jets with very hot dice…I don’t believe the Packers will win the NFL in my replay, it will most likely be either Baltimore or Los Angeles. But to answer your question, I will not make any changes to the team indexes. I grade each set that I use and wouldn’t want to skew my data. I understand your concern regarding NFL superiority; however, the AFL was closing that gap by 67, not quite equal but very close. Mark is a very close personal friend of mine and we have talked about this very subject before over dinner. His philosophy was league based, meaning he wasn’t concerned about comparing the two leagues but carding them only with regard to either the AFL or the NFL. With that said, the Raiders were 13-1 that year and quite possibly the best team ever to play in the AFL.

Over the past few months, Mark and I have discussed this very subject at great length. Realizing that I would not be able to use any innovations in the Super Bowl because they were league specific and to address the “NFL Superiority” issue, Mark decided to combine the two leagues and re-calculate team ratings and innovations. This is a very time-consuming task especially for ONE game!!! I’m very grateful to him for doing this for the replay.

The Green Bay Packers indexes and innovation ratings are as follows:

  • Offensive index: 41/39
  • Sack/Interception Rating: 0/+12
  • Penalty rating: 11-34
  • Kick Coverage: B
  • Punt Coverage: A

 The Oakland Raiders indexes and innovation ratings are as follows:

  • Offensive index: 43/43
  • Sack/Interception Rating: +21/+11
  • Penalty rating: 35-66
  • Kick Coverage: B+
  • Punt Coverage: B

Hopefully, you’re looking forward to reading the “Play-by-Play” account as much as I’m looking forward to providing it. Thanks for following along!!!

“First & Only”

Broadway Joe Willie Namath was the first and only player in NFL history to pass for  4,000 yards in a 14-game season. The top line is his statistics from my replay and the bottom line is his actual statistics from the 1967 season.  I usually don’t like when a card over performs but this is my childhood idol and I couldn’t be happier.

Att       Com     %            Yds       TD         Long     Int   % TD   % Int   Avg       Rating

475       271     57.1         4396       34         75       30       7.2       6.3       9.3         85.7

491       258     52.5         4007       26         75        28       5.3       5.7       8.2         73.8

Namath Card 67